Any of them

Alfred the Great - October 26, 2017 - Wisdom 6:1-3, 9-12, 24-25; Luke 6:43-49 It’s hard to preach on our more legendary saints. It’s hard to know which parts of their stories are purely myth and which parts are not. Alfred is no exception. It’s even harder to preach on a saint who is not named something like Luke, Andrew, or Thomas. It’s … Continue reading Any of them

There is a promise

The 17th Sunday After Pentecost - October 1, 2017 - Matthew 21:23-32 I preached this sermon at St. John's parish in Decatur, AL where I am doing field work in preparation for graduation and ordination. You can listen to me preach this sermon by clicking here. Today’s gospel comes from the beginning of the Holy Week narrative. Jesus rides … Continue reading There is a promise

Eve of Michael and All Angels

September 28, 2017 - Eve of Michael and All Angels - Genesis 28:10-17, Revelation 12:7-12, John 1:47-51 I preached this sermon last night at The School of Theology's Community Eucharist. There is something poetic about angels. They are abstract, not easily explained, and depicted in myriad ways. We often cast them in the role … Continue reading Eve of Michael and All Angels

Casting out demons

Tuesday, September 5 - Tuesday After Proper 17 - Luke 4:31-37 Better 10 days late than never! Here's a sermon from a recent Spanish-language eucharist at The School of Theology. (See also the English version below.) La lección del Evangelio de hoy puede emocionarnos porque hay un exorcismo dramático: ¡un demonio se confronta a Jesús, … Continue reading Casting out demons