Casting out demons

Tuesday, September 5 - Tuesday After Proper 17 - Luke 4:31-37 Better 10 days late than never! Here's a sermon from a recent Spanish-language eucharist at The School of Theology. (See also the English version below.) La lección del Evangelio de hoy puede emocionarnos porque hay un exorcismo dramático: ¡un demonio se confronta a Jesús, … Continue reading Casting out demons

Everything To God In Prayer

La quinta semana en Cuaresma 4 de abril, 2017 - Numbers 21:4-9, John 8:21-30 I preached this sermon at one of our biweekly Spanish Eucharists. What an honor to be asked! I'm grateful for the seminary's pastoral Spanish program. (See both Spanish and English versions below.) Frecuentemente nos volvemos insatisfechos con Dios; no creemos que, en nuestras … Continue reading Everything To God In Prayer