The rhythm of prayer

Thursday in the First Week of Lent – February 22, 2013 – Matthew 7:7-12 You can watch me preach the sermon here.  Ask. Search. Knock. Ask— and it will be given you; search— and you will find; knock— and the door will be opened for you.  Everyone who asks receives, everyone who searches finds, and everyone who knocks finds an open door. Ask. … Continue reading The rhythm of prayer

Everything To God In Prayer

La quinta semana en Cuaresma 4 de abril, 2017 - Numbers 21:4-9, John 8:21-30 I preached this sermon at one of our biweekly Spanish Eucharists. What an honor to be asked! I'm grateful for the seminary's pastoral Spanish program. (See both Spanish and English versions below.) Frecuentemente nos volvemos insatisfechos con Dios; no creemos que, en nuestras … Continue reading Everything To God In Prayer

Born From Above

Lent II—March 12, 2017—John 3:1-17 I preached this sermon at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Decatur, Alabama where I am doing my field education. I am blessed in having the opportunity to spend time with and learn from them every week. I am especially grateful for them recording my sermon which can be found by clicking … Continue reading Born From Above